Sony announces miniature Playstation Classic, with 20 games built-in

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Man, I don’t know. Those original PlayStation games have not aged well and the nostalgia for the actual games, and not the idea of the games, doesn’t seem to be there like its with the NES and SNES. There’s a reason these games have had so many remakes and remasters. For these same reasons I question the idea of Nintendo bringing out an N64 Classic.

Also the price point seems to be off; under $100 and it’s much more of an impulse buy.


Smells like desperation.


the amount of game titles they put on these retro devices is super crappy not to mention that (imo) 50% of the titles are crap that no one played at the time. i guess there’s a licensing cost that they need to keep down. FF7 and tekken 3 were fun (but i still have my discs and the system to play them). if the system for sale now had 100 titles and not just 20 i’d be more likely to purchase. this goes for the nes and snes. more titles.

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It’s way too soon for a nostalgia mini-clone of that console.

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The other kind of MeToo movement.

I won’t repeat my previous droning about why an N64 classic wouldn’t make sense, but this is subject to all the same arguments and is not a Nintendo console.


25 years is a decent amount of nostalgia time.

But 20 games? Seriously? 40 or 50 and we’re talking.


One of the instant auction sites (nameless because I’m not a shill) has not one but two portable consoles usually up for grabs. And the winner usually gets the purchase for less than $10.
Still not worth it.
I cannot figure out why we can’t get a package of these games ported over to Android or IOS, and sold legitimately through the app stores.


Sony has screwed and/or been shitty to its customers too many times for me to even think about buying something from them. And yes, I realize that Sony has (way too) many departments. I just don’t trust the brand any more.

I rather like Sony, but they tend to misjudge the market for electronics with some frequency that i wonder how they stay in business. They have made really elegant phones and ultrabooks that ended up duds because of proprietary ports, memory cards, and software that no one else used (not to mention said products being way more expensive than the competition).

This mini-PS1 seems to follow the trend that they believe their brand is worth a premium price when everyone else is half or more than half the price. And comparable retro electronics support emulation for multiple platforms and have more bells and whistles.

Even if it had 20 good games i’m just not sure who this is for. At $100 i don’t imagine myself buying one. But i guess we’ll wait and see what else comes with the device.

A few years ago I tried to play FFVII on a modern 65" HDTV. Those graphics do not scale well, and I couldn’t make out a lot of the objects on the screen. SNES, Sega Genesis - those games were meant to look cartoon-ish, and don’t seem to have the same problem IME.

20 games, and they named 5. I would assume the 5 they named are the best that will be on the system. I expect the other 15 to be lesser known or lesser quality games, like Barbie’s Explorer or Pepsiman.

It’s great that Jumping Flash is there, but Jumping Flash 2 was better. It would be fun if they included Poy Poy of Bushido Blade 2. Or if the system had a functional drive in it that allowed you to play physical PSOne discs, in addition to the games baked in the system.

Not helping is the fact that you can get many PSOne games as digital downloads on the PS4. I also believe I heard a visually updated version of FF7 is supposed to be arriving at some point “soon”.

In all, I’m “meh” about this.

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I mean if they put in Bushido Blade that mght make me consider getting it. It’s a shame that series hasn’t been brought back

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It would be interesting if they went for Meme appeal.

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I have both Bushido Blades, and they are still fun to play, but ugly as heck. I agree that it’s a shame that series, or at least that gaming mechanic, hasn’t been continued in the current generations.

I recall reading comments in some other site and someone mentioned a more recent series of titles that has a lot of mechanics like Bushido Blade but it did not sound familiar to me at all. But even then i feel like that Bushido Blade has a lot of fans that would be over the moon if it came back.

Just no guns next time. Fuck guns.

Edit: Thinking about it you could say that Dark Souls PvP has some pacing and combat elements that remind me of Bushido Blade. But of course its just not the same because of the crazy fantasy weapons and magic

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The pistol I could deal with. The machine gun was a cheap and plentiful death experience.

A while back I sought out other games like the Bushido Blades series. Nothing really matches them though. And you could cut down trees. It was mighty fun.

Yeesh. The price point is waaaay off, it’s non-expandable and of the few games it does have, barely any of them are ones that anyone played at length 20ish years ago. No thanks.

Put Gran Turismo 2, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Twisted Metal 2 and Tomb Raider 2 on it, and it would probably fly off the shelves.

Yeah dueling in the bamboo groves was a highlight :smiley:

The price point is out of line with the competing retro consoles. So unless they put Skullmonkeys, Medievil 1 & 2, and Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus on it (and they won’t), no way I’m getting it. I still have a functional PS2 and the last PS3 that plays all 3 formats, so maybe I’m not the market for this thing anyway. I really do need a smaller, square-er TV to plug these old consoles into, though.