Teardown of the new PlayStation Classic

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definitely will NOT be purchasing this. as much as i loved the playstation i still have my games and a ps2 that works. this new micro device doesn’t contain nearly as many games as it should (or is capable of).

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cash grab

Not why did Sony build this. That’s a Captain Obvious question and answer.

Why break it down?!? His breakdowns are normally about the wear and tear and such of devices that would face what he puts them through. This thing is going to sit on shelf after about two maybe three weeks of play and never move again.

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ISO driven and good compaibility, HDMI video makes this attractive where it might not be otherwise. I am basicially waiting to see the reviews on how muti disc games are hacked onto it before I buy.


It seems there is already at least one case in which the SNES mini outperforms the PlayStation Classic.

And in other news:

As FFVII is already multi-disc, I presume it would be trivial.


This is a teardown. Teardowns are to find out what’s in a device.


Everything sounds like Sony cut a lot of corners when they made the PlayStation Classic. I mean, it looks like they picked PAL versions of some games because they theoretically performed “better” even though they are considered inferior and the hardware would pass the video out as 60hz when it’s actually 50hz. It’s a giant mess.

I hadn’t really thought of that; good point.

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Yeah, this is fascinating and there’s a video showing such to be the case. 2018 and a “contemporary” nintendo console outperforms a sony console? What a time to be alive!

I’ll save my ps2 (and 1st gen ps3 with hardware psx emulation) to play the games I don’t have on the mini. Those devices are old, with mechanical parts that could fail at any time. I’ll happily use the ps mini for the games it has instead.


This guy gets it. /\

There is another point to be made about SSD being less of a ticking timebomb than optical media. Eventually all of those discs will be unreadable.


If you have data stored in only one place it’s data that you didn’t really love very much; because there isn’t a medium available that is trustworthy enough.

That said; don’t let the solid stateness of Flash lull you into optimism about its survival chances: the abstractions required to make something that can only be erased in blocks look like normal storage can be rather brittle(even decent SSDs sometimes just freak out and declare.themselves empty or stop talking; and things like unexpected power loss are pretty good at catching blocks that are in the process of being shuffled around and haven’t been written back to nonvolatile storage yet); and more fundamentally you are depending on the goodwill of a surprisingly small number of electrons that have been tunneled into a floating gate by spooky small scale phenomena not tunneling back out by similar means. Not a good bet as the timeframe gets longer.


Man. Debbie downer.

Here’s hoping there is a way we can still play FF7 in 30 years. Because I have 0 faith we will ever see the remastered release.


And yet I still have it on preorder. (sob)


Last I heard they we still planning on releasing it episodically


Holy shit that was two years ago


It’s a shame he didn’t find any of the games. With 20 supposed to be in there, the discs should have been easy to spot…

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