Yep, the SNES Classic is real and it is coming in September


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Nintendo's SNES Classic will cost $80, comes with 21 games

the roar of anguish and outrage

If you say so…


No Rock & Roll Racing? It’s one of the earlier Blizzard games and the game is crazy fun. I suppose it’s a licensing thing, but if they were able to get Mario RPG* i can’t see how other titles would be harder.

*There’s been a lot of animosity between Nintendo and Square in the past years as far as licensing Mario RPG


Well, to be fair, some of that was just me. I was pretty angry when they cancelled the NES Classic after pretending that they were going to make enough to meet demand.

I never owned a SNES, but now’s my chance to catch up.


I never owned a SNES either, i don’t know if i want to jump on this especially after the disaster the NES Classic was to obtain. And the Pokemon Go tracker. And the Wii. And the Breath of the Wild Master Edition. And amiibos.


"What, no Pilotwings? Outrageous!"
I bought a used SNES just for this title!


Now we’ll see if Nintendo has an adequate supply of these to where you can just walk into a store and buy one (what a concept), or if they really are purposely shorting supply. They can’t use the ‘We didn’t expect the demand’ this time.

On the good side, that ‘FF III’ there is actually FF VI, which was released as FF III in the US. It’s the best FF for plot, period.




I still don’t know why they didn’t keep making more of the NES one. The demand seems pretty high.

I never owned a SNES, but played on them. I loved Starfox so much. This might be worth picking up, partly too as it is modern enough for my kid to enjoy better.


A friendly reminder that RetroPi is amaaaaaazing.

Two controllers from Amazon, a pi3, and a 3D printed case and you have a much more capable machine for much less.


RetroPi was way easier than I thought.

The only drawback with having 1000s of games is that a large majority of them are horrible. Fortunately you can sort by rating which is helpful when trying to discover new old stuff.


That’s great if you already own the cartridges and can make ROM backups yourself, but this is a cheap way to get all these games if you don’t happen to have that option.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a NES Classic when they came out, and I can’t wait to get one of these as well. Zelda: aLttP, Final Fantasy III, Super Mario World/RPG, and Secret of Mana are all games I grew up with and absolutely love. :slight_smile:


My kids have been playing Yoshi’s Island which, in my opinion, is probably the best sidescroller ever made.


Also Earthbound means hippie bashing time.


Legally speaking.


For much less everything but pure hassle.


Of course they’re purposely shorting supply. With such a nostalgia driven niche product it would almost be stupid not to. Artificial scarcity has become a standard marketing tactic, especially in the tech industry. After all if the hot new gadget you’re trying to show off can be had by just anyone with enough money it’s perceived value goes way down.


That’s the part I don’t understand. Now, humor me here, as I am not an economist. But while I understand the idea of artificially driving demand by keeping supply low, if Nintendo is able to parcel them out in a small, unsteady stream, keeping the hype engine running, wouldn’t they still make more money by selling 2 million of these versus 100,000?


There’s been a lot of debate whether Nintendo is out of touch or inept. By keeping demand high and not meeting it they’ve been consistently leaving money on the table. Amiibos, NES Classic, Pokemon Go Tracker, etc. They’ve got a long history of doing this and pissing off their investors and consumers.

Part of it must be their desire to keep control of their brand as a premium thing. I don’t know for sure but my hunch is that it must be this, but it comes at the expense of the consumer’s trust. I’ve since stopped giving a damn over Nintendo as i’ve been burned many times post N64.


They’re real. And they’re spectacular.