Nintendo Discontinues the NES Classic Edition



:crying_cat_face: nuff said.


That means there’s a lot of worthless NES Classic accessories still out on retailer’s shelves.


I guess it’s time to buy that Raspberry Pi I’ve always dreamed about. :neutral_face:


Nah, just buy an old Wii and install the Letterbomb exploit + homebrew channel. Same price for a CL Wii as a new Pi setup, and bonus waggly remotes!


I do have my old Wii just because it still plays all my old Gamecube games. I will have to research how to break it without breaking it. Never done anything like that before.


Letterbomb hack is the way to go–100% software based hack and they are never going to patch it. I’ve done it to a half dozen units.


Good to know. Thank you!


Welp, I guess I can stop waiting for them to produce more to meet demand, as they said they would at Christmas.


What sorts? I hear that the controllers speak i2c, which potentially gives them a future elsewhere (ideally with a handy shelf-clearing discount). Any other potentially usable goodies?


I’m glad I got one, but man, what a crazy decision on their part. Unless they are somehow not profitable (and that might be true depending on the licensing deal they worked out for the non first/second party games).


They’re pushing everybody to buy the Switch so you can rent your favorite classic games instead of owning them. :angry:


Then IMHO, they are foolish for believing those two pools of users overlap exactly.


This was a pretty good article breaking down speculating the reasons for the discontinuation. Mind you, I don’t like those reasons at all but 1st world problems, right?


This is definitely a possibility, but it’s awfully hard to turn a profit on something you’ve stopped selling.

Maybe they’re retooling it to add more games? They have to see that a giant market exists for the nostalgia of the old NES, not just emulated games on a new system.


Nintendo also doesn’t have a history of manufacturing hardware that they sell at a loss. It’s central to their business strategy of not competing directly with the other console manufacturers–they maintain their own ecosystem driven by more (or less, depending) than just the latest and greatest graphics and online gaming capabilities.


One can only hope.


I wish but I really think it’s to push people to buy a Switch for $400 and then rent Castlevania for another $5 a month.


I don’t know. You’d think they’d announce the EOL of the DS or something if they wanted to move mobile gamers over.

shrug I’m not going to understand corporate thinking, let alone Japanese corporate thinking, which has baffled me for more than one console generation at times :slight_smile:


cough cough sony cough cough