Yep, the SNES Classic is real and it is coming in September

A question, it has HDMI ports, right? Can I get something to convert that to something old school like RCA or even Super VGA?

And scalpers will by them all and sell them back on eBay for $300…
The only NES Classic currently for sale on is listed at 240€ ($268)…

Don’t think i will let that reference go unnoticed


Yes, I don’t get it either. They utterly failed to do this with the NES Classic. It seems to me that there would have been no downside (as well as more profit) if they had eventually met demand sometime down the road when it wasn’t such a hot and new gadget anymore.

I agree. I understanding not wanting things to sit on the shelf, but the demand was much greater than the supply. The could have put out atleast one more run of it.

This all makes me tempted to get one of those retro consoles, and then invest in those cartridges that allow you to put on ROMS via SD chip.

There are a lot of people arguing they’re not, because that’s leaving money on the table. I can see both ways.

This will be the acid test, no excuses.

I wonder if it might have been a licensing issue with the games. Like the rights holders (other than Nintendo) saw all the hype and demand the NES Classic was getting and wanted more money.

You can download it for free from Blizzard’s website.

I can’t imagine they wouldn’t put anything on there they didn’t have 100% freedom to do what ever with.

mmmmm delicious SNES emulator sound distortion is back!

My thought, backed by Nintendo’s previous incompetence, is pretty simple: Reggie didn’t lie to us and they thought the NES classic was a niche product. He said that they thought it’d be a nice cool thing for the really hardcore fans because surely normal people, if interested in these games, would have bought them on Virtual Console several times over by this point.

Which gets to my personal thought on why they killed it, and this is pure conjecture on my part: Because they thought it would be a niche product, they only licensed the games for a ‘small’ production run. It apparently sold 2.3m and given how it was snatched up that seems a fair guess for the entire run. When the run was starting to run short, Nintendo did one of two things: they either decided that they didn’t want to go through licensing, which I don’t rule out entirely, or they went to the negotiating table and one or more of the other companies involved demanded higher licensing fees than Nintendo wanted to pay.

Now you might not think that it would be the end of the world for Nintendo to lose a licenser or two, but Nintendo is weird. I don’t know if they did it with the NES Classic, but in every case up until then Nintendo has not just emulated titles normally, but shipped every title with its own, customized emulator. They were facing the prospect of 1: discontinuing the NES Classic, 2: putting together an NES Classic 2 with a new set of 30 games very quickly, or 3: releasing an NES Classic 1.5 with almost entirely the same games, but the games from that/those publisher(s) swapped out with games that they could license.


I think you are bang on here. This was what I said as well when they announced the end of production.

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So you can’t play old cartridges, just the built in games?

Correct. No cartridges, no downloadable games, if it follows the NES classic. Nintendo couldn’t actually let you use cartridges if they wanted to without a lot of trouble; they only stopped supporting the NES, like, send it to Nintendo to be fixed supporting, in the 2000’s when they ran out of parts. Those 72 pin connectors were custom; I doubt it was the 6502’s they were having trouble getting their hands on.

Oh cool. I don’t understand what’s to stop them from having someplace in China make more…

(I assume there’s not enough demand?)

Yeah, that’s what I figure. Not worth the effort to put in a feature that by definition won’t make Nintendo any money, unless they start producing NES carts again too.

yes absolutely it is and its inclusion in this machine made it a must buy for me. I’ve finished it multiple times and I still love it. Its such a deviously cute devil of a game.

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It wasn’t “killed.” It was supposed to be a limited holiday release from the get-go. The issue was that Nintendo did a poor to nonexistent job of making this clear. They extended production but they eventually had to turn those lines over to the Switch to keep up with that demand.

The problem is that Nintendo is notorious for not giving a shit about their fan base. When they first announced it the reaction online was hugely positive and a lot of people were buzzing about it, yet they failed to react to that and try to estimate what demand would be. They also could have easily solved the supply issue by setting up preorders to have hard numbers as to how many units to make. Like i said before, they’re either inept or hopelessly behind the times and i suspect it’s a bit of both because this is habitual at this point.