Itty-bitty Nintendo NES with 30 built-in games coming in November


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This reminds me of the time I had deja vu.


I remember when it was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! Now it’s Mr. Dream. Racist much?




Does this remind you of the time you had deja vu?


Hardly. Mr Dream won the championship belt fair and square.

No, but this does.


Worth it just for Ninja Gaiden!


I can see this being a big thing this Christmas. Among 40 year olds that were kids in the 80’s,

Needs to be upgradeable tho.


Speaking as someone who was a child in the 80s, I can confirm that this accurately depicts my mood in every way:


I feel like most of us already posses the ability to play these games right now.

Maybe someone my age who has grandkids but does not already own some sort of console? I just don’t know who the market for this is.


Terminally nerdy shut-ins. Why yes, mine is already ordered.


Then why is it being mentioned in Boingboing?


Eh…my nostalgia was, and still is, for the games. Those of us who grew up with the NES know that there are many more gems than just these thirty (though I’ll admit my own top 30 would deviate only slightly from what’s here). NES emulators are all but perfected at this point and I’m content playing them with whatever controller is at hand.


But as a nerd, don’t you already have some sort of PC or media center connected to a screen? This thing will only ever have the 30 games it launches with, that’s it.


Perhaps I should have specified skint nerdy shut-ins, then. Sixty bucks is doable and I’ll get plenty of play-value out of it. And it’ll look cute sat under the elderly telly. Also, controller comes with it, saving me replacing crappy laptop or buying a controller.


I would buy it just for StarTropics and/or despite the fact a game slot is wasted on Zelda II.


Needs Tetris. At $2 per legit copy classic games its a decent deal. As I’d probably only play 5- 8 of them, less so. The killer app for this is “kids first console”. Reasonably priced, no internet connection, classic inoffensive games.


Part of my job is taking care of the public gaming consoles; I am reminded daily of the degree to which internet connectivity has contributed to much of what I hate about modern consoles. I’m lookin at you, XBox One.


The dumbest thing my xbone has ever done was not play a dvd because xboxes servers were down. I had internet, but they didn’t, so I couldn’t play a hard copy I had in my house. I had to boot up the 360 to watch it instead. Fucking stupid eh?


Are mario bros and super mario bros different? Is there a missing secret 1st game that I am not aware of?



Mario Bros. was an arcade game later ported to the NES after Super Marios Bros. (which was written for the NES) was released.

Maybe. Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr.?