Itty-bitty Nintendo NES with 30 built-in games coming in November

I know about dk, I was just wondering if marios bros was the secret 1st game (and it kinda is). After checking the wiki I can see that mario bros is just that static stage mini game that comes back to feature in super mario bros 3.

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Did they change it when he went to prison?

Will buy.

I wondered what was up with that. I guess Nintendo only paid to use Tyson’s likeness for 3 years. So after that time they couldn’t make games with his likeness. I imagine you would want to make a character completely different than Tyson as the new boss as to not get sued.

Still…Mr. Dream? I know that Nintendo, being family-friendly and all, couldn’t replace him with a blue Hulk named something like ‘King Shit of Fuck Mountain’ but Mr. Dream looked like the steroid-abusing lovechild of Vanilla Ice and John Sex.

Now if they’d straight-up replaced him with a John Sex lookalike (including the hair) that would’ve been awesome.


I dunno, I always thought all the characters were weird in that game. Though I didn’t actually own that one.

I mean, King Hippo? Was that a title he gave himself, or just what the other boxers called him, making him cry himself to sleep at night.


After watching Games Done Quick marathons all I can think about is whether this is going to have all the same hardware glitches as the original carts on an original system would have. It’s funny because I’m not a speedrunner myself, but somehow enjoying speedruns has turned me into a purist.

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I was an avid gamer during the arcade days and Atari/NES/SNES/PS1 days, then lost interest in ‘modern’ games, which to me were less ‘game’ and more ‘multimedia software enhanced synergistic experiences’; in short, stilted uncreative overmarketed bullshit.

Bought the WiiU on a whim one day, and bam, instant gamer again. WiiU is an absolute gem, with some of the best Nintendo releases of all time. It is tragic how underappreciated this system is. It is exactly what a ‘modern console’ should be and do, the rest are convoluted and watered down PC gaming schemes.


I was on the sidelines completely for about fifteen years until a friend got me hooked on Steam (where the virtue of gamey-game-games is still championed by many developers). During that time, I saw two major console battles play out (Dreamcast/PS2/Gamecube, PS3/360/Wii).

I loved the Dreamcast (hated the controller, though) though if I had to do it all over again, I would absolutely have gone with the Gamecube. Nintendo gets it. I wasn’t that crazy about the Wii hardware (I’m a gamepad curmudgeon) and I wish that Nintendo would go out on a limb every once in a while. Still, their dedication to purist gaming is now (unfortunately) outstanding among consoles.


The Wii was actually incredibly versatile, controller wise (WiiU is too); I think it got a bad rap as ‘casual’ for having motion controls. The Wii Classic controller worked with nearly all of the Wii titles, and the Nintendo Pro controller works with most WiiU titles (though I’ve actually grown to really love the standard ‘GamePad’). I’m a gamepad diehard too (although I have grown to appreciate motion controls. If done right, motion controls allow a much higher reaction and precision, I can’t play Splatoon without them now. They were also great in the Metroid Prime games).

I wish I had more time/expendable income to do some PC games.

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Great assortment of games, but no Tetris and no Ice Hockey??!! Dang it. I wish Nintendo would put a slot for the old cartridges on here, or maybe sell a separate adapter cartridge slot.

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Blades of Steel? Oh, hell yes.

Castle Crashers has claimed at least one hundred hours of my life and it regularly goes on sale for something like $1.99 on Steam. It’s a brilliant, hilarious beat-em-up, with RPG elements that vastly increase both the fun and the replay value.

I want this. And I don’t even play video games.

You will once you buy this. There are hundreds of hours of solid gaming in just these thirty titles. Super Mario 3 remains in my top 5 favorite platformers of all-time.


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