Crowdfunded retro game console prototype was cardboard tat

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Why didn’t they put something like a Raspberry PI in the case? That would have been at least credible?


It’s a standalone, cartridge-based console in 2016. It doesn’t need a cpu. It runs on nostalgia.


O ye of little faith.

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I got one of these prototypes and so far it isn’t working: I can’t find the UHF or VHF antenna screws on my HDTV. I’m planning on upgrading to 4k for this box so if any boingers can recommend a good 4k set with VHF/UHF input I’d be forever in your debt. + points for it working in 3-D mode with my Rift kit. ++ points for being on sale in the BB store. Cheers!


I know, right? I mean retro games don’t exactly need customized hardware even.

There is that Retro system that already plays 4-6 different kinds of games.

Who wants to reacquire their old game library one cartridge$$$ at a time, just because of the form factor? Lots of retro gamers would rather have loads of roms on a usb drive for emulation. Or sweet original old hardware. This thing was going to be the worst of both worlds.


Despite the “retro” and “Coleco” names, this thing was actually designed not to play actual retro games, but to play brand new games that were ‘retro-styled’. It used the old Jaguar molds to play newly-designed games. So, really a weird, weird idea.


Great. Give future scammers ideas for improvement.

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Isn’t there enough evidence to arrest them for fraud already?

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Adam Koralik (the guy that’s done a retrospective of almost every console generation and is like The Dreamcast neckbeard) did a video awhile back on this… y’know when it merely looked like a bad idea instead of an outright scam.


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Aka. crap.

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One more than “This.”.



<you can make it happen if you know what you’re doing.

You can make less than six happen if you know what you’re doing.




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