Excellent vintage portable TV turned into retro gaming system


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Don’t refuse, Reuse !


That’s pretty neat - but considerably more than a Raspberry 3 running Retropie.
I’ve found N64 games hit and miss even with some emulation setting tweaks.

This one is probably more doable and retains the retro vibe:


I love this but I wish he had used the original screen or another CRT. That LCD screen would just kill the vintage look for me.


Didn’t Zenith or Magnavox or one of those big television manufacturers in the 1980s have one of those big faux wood behemoths with a built in Atari or Intellvision or something?


I’d think anything newer than a SNES would be a challenge to emulate properly. (Even a SNES appears to require some serious computing power to effectively emulate).

I’ve actually been on the lookout for a small, used color teevee with component input in the back that I can throw the N64 on once I get it. (So far, no dice; I’ve found teevees but they’re RF-only.)

Looks like there was a bunch:


Funny, I was looking at it thinking “Wow, the N64 graphics actually look quite good when they’re not on a badly tuned CRT”. Each to their own I guess.


I think there are a couple of problems there. If one doesn’t know how to work inside a CRT could be killed, dangerously high voltages are present. One could actually inject a CVBS into an older TV set, but has to be sure that is not connecting directly to a mains lead or to a point with a high floating voltage.
By the way it looks to me to a b/w TV.
Add to this that a 40-year old TV set could have failing components


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