Video tutorial on how to play retro video games with a Raspberry Pi

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I picked up a few RasPi’s and a knock off mini SNES case for them. Put them together spent about a month tuning it all to perfection and then kept one for myself and gave the other ones away to my nieces and nephews for Christmas last year.

If you’re willing to take the time (and it can take a lot of time depending on how many emulators and ROMS you have going). You can make some truly impressive front ends for your emulator. Next Project in the emulation front is to get something similar running on a USB memory stick that you can just plug into a PC (running windows, or have a full Linux install on the thumb drive and boot off of it).

While playing through so many NES and SNES games from my youth I will say that most of them are garbage that will barely keep your attention for 10-15 minutes, but there are also a lot of classics that are just as fun to play today as they were when I was a little kid. The Mario games are still and probably always will be lots of fun even with the dated graphics. A few suprises too, Clash at DemonHead mountain was one of my all time favorite games as kid and it was still pretty fun. Like a weird mix between MegaMan, Bionic Commando.

Anyways, RasPi emulators are a lot of fun and with a case for the Raspi are small enough you can toss it in a pocket and take it wherever.

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Is there a compelling reason for me to knock together one of these when I already have a gaming PC hooked up to my TV?

If you can’t think of one then probably not.

Personally I have a hacked Sony PS Vita that does the same thing and is portable, which works better for my needs than the Raspberry Pi I used before it.

I just finished installing RetroPie on my 11 year-old’s Raspi. He was asking me to buy him an old Game Boy Advance so he can play Pokemon Ruby, etc. I downloaded the ROMs, configured an old PS3 controller on bluetooth and it’s good to go. No need to buy an old GBA on Ebay.

Thanks for posting the video as it led me to the site and I am thinking of doing a MAME cabinet for myself now using my own Raspi.

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