Raspberry Pi case looks like a tiny Nintendo NES console

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Cool. I need to make an emulator with one some day,

I wouldn’t get that one. The RetroFlag case is much better built but does cost a little more.



Yup, that RetroFlag one is awesome for the little extra money.

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Any of these accept genuine carts?

Or if you have access to a makerspace with a 3D printer:


Anything more like this available: https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/famicom-EVS.jpg ?

They are Raspberry Pi cases, they are roughly the size of an NES cart, but probably about twice as thick. Also, the Pi doesn’t have a card slot to read the NES cartridges and isn’t hardware compatible with the NES.

Oh, well, never mind then. Though that would be 120% cooler if it did, huh?

You want a retron unit for that. Basically an emulator which reads the ROM from the cartridge. Top loading too for less blowing and praying.

Oh, but those don’t look like the old hardware designs. Kinda ugly.

I recall that someone made a Pi music box, and it would “play” cassettes by IDing the one inserted (RFID tag?) and selecting a playlist from its library.

You could do the same with an NES emulator and 3D print a bunch of scale game cartridges. (The legality of having a library of ripped NES games, I leave as an exercise.)

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