New games for old consoles

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No note of whether or not they are manufacturing their own carts or re-flashing old ones. Apparently the recent Famicom releases from RIKI and published by Columbus Circle are newly manufactured carts that have yielded mixed results.

Thats being a bit generous but OK…

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The guys who made Volgarr the Viking had it ported to the Dreamcast. You can download and burn the file to disk and play it. It is a merciless platformer and I really should spend more time on it.

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I’ve bought Battle Kid for the NES (great game; masocore in the spirit of I Wanna Be the Guy) and Pier Solar for the Genesis (impressively polished but suffers from balance issues and extremely repetitive battles). I recently found out that somebody has actually gotten ahold of Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill (a SNES game that was heavily promoted in 1990s game magazines but never released, and was something of a holy grail for preservationists), bought the rights, finished it, and is releasing it as a SNES cartridge. Unfortunately I missed the Kickstarter and the pre-order window; I hope it gets a second run and I get another chance.

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