There's a new Katamari Damacy title for the Nintendo Switch: Reroll


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If by “new” you mean “port”, sure. I really like the Switch and there’s something to be said for playing old games again, but I can’t help but feel Nintendo (and the industry as a whole I guess) are relying a bit too much on remasters at this point.


It’s also on Steam, which means it’s likely going to be significantly cheaper than any Switch port when the Inevitable Sale or bundle comes along.

Though considering I have both the PS2 games (and barely got around to touching either of them), that would be a hard sell, unless there’s some compelling new content.


Is this the same as Katamari Forever?

I loved that game on the PS3 and wish there was more.


This is just a “remaster” of the very first game, Katamari Damacy. $30 for a pretty barebones port is a little dicey to me. A Katamari collection with, at the very least, it’s immediate sequel “We Love Katamari” would have made a lot more sense.


Yeah, it’s not a new title. New to the Switch perhaps.


Seeing the preview, it looks like the PS2 games in HD. Having played all of the Katamari games from the PS2 to the PS3, the first and second were the best of the bunch. After that point, the original creator left the company to pursue a career in playground equipment.


He still does game development:



Ok, thanks. That’s a little disappointing, but I’ll still probably buy it.

I liked Katamari Forever for the jumping action. The earlier games are super frustrating for me without that.

They could take a lot of my money by just selling more Katamari levels for Katamari Forever.


I might have read an early article. It seems Japanese creatives talk about retiring, and then fall right back into place.


Ultimately i want him to do what satisfies him, he apparently does not like doing sequels. And as much as i want more Katamari i also want him to make awesome fun stuff, i’m a fan of his aesthetic. I’d also hope he’d be cool letting another designer take over Katamari if that were possible, as long as they brought new energy and ideas to the title. Some day maybe…



Part of me wants to buy it, primarily because it’s been ported to a modern, portable platform. the original game was simple to play, and utterly hilarious at times, despite some of it’s… quirks.

However, I could just fire up the PS/2 and play the original. I think I still have the memory card with my savegames on it…


is this a sequel or a port? i still have my beloved ps2 disk and system so…yeh.


The obvious advantage of the Switch version is that the console is portable, i love original but i can easily see myself buying this all over again.


And there’s a mod for it coming out to celebrate Michigan’s pot legalisation, called “Preroll”.


I downloaded the demo over the weekend.

Realtalk: playing this game with anything other than a Playstation controller (where the analog sticks are parallel) feels weird? Tank controls suck when the joysticks are offset.


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