Every item in Katamari Damacy, Tweeted

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Na naa, nanana nana na na na Katamari Damacy…

It’s going to be running through my head all day now.


But this game is Japanese, so I have to wonder if those descriptions are accurate translations, or completely made up new in English?

Every month one of the local dungeons has a “Kinky geek night” event wherein the social area has board and card games, and a PlayStation in one corner. I never actually got to play Katamari, although I have seen others play it. In June, someone had it on the gaming system at the event. This did, of course, leave me with the choice of staying in the social area and finally getting to play Katamari, or of going into the other side of the building to play other “games” with my sweetie. (I went with my sweetie, but we did watch the game for a while first.)

Twitter bots are destroying everything.

Delightful lo-fi model design. And package design. Those “chocolates” are totally cigarettes, though.

I think there was probably some creative liberties taken.

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Nonsense. It says, “Mild Choco,” so it must be chocolate. The mild kind.

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I like eating menthol choco after a vigorous round of sex.


Chocolate cigarettes! Great for playing ‘grown up’!

(An actual, real thing we had in 80s Brazil)

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