Wattam, new game from Katamari Damacy creator, is about connections


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I hope it’s more meaty than noby noby boy was.

Has anyone estimated how long it’s going to be until girl reaches Pluto?

Keita is the greatest. He made my life a lot better, love that he is still working. Can’t wait for this!

not getting a ps4 for this. if it comes out on steam then maybe. consoles are pretty much dead to me.

Noby Noby Boy was rather underwhelming though.

I wasn’t going to get a PS4, but this announcement changes everything.

I might get back on the console wagon for a few ps4 games. The new FROM software game looks amazing, this one… good thing metal gear will come to pc.

I loved Katamari. I don’t understand why Katamari Forever wasn’t designed to have downloadable levels. I would buy more levels in a heartbeat.

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