List of people who have mysteriously disappeared


My obsession is Wikipedia lists.

But I also did mention in the post that some of the things on the list are not exactly mysterious. So I’m not sure what the complaint is here.

As for my favorites of the ones that aren’t obvious “yup, they died”. I like the story of the pirate Henry Every, who made off with a massive treasure that Indian princes had been taking to Mecca for the hajj and then (quite sensibly) divided the loot with the rest of his crew, disbanded said crew, and disappeared. Some of his crew were later caught. A few of them were executed. But most, including Every, apparently just vanished into normal lives. Albeit, wealthy normal lives.

It’s not “mysterious” in the “ooooweeeeeoooo paranormal” sense. But it is fascinating and mysterious in the sense of “holy crap a plan like that can actually work!?”


Despite all the evidence to the contrary, part of me still hopes that Richey Edwards has settled down somewhere and found stability.

His disappearance has had more of an effect on me than the death of Kurt Cobain, at least we know that Kurt died.


Now I want to sit down and construct secret histories where all/most of the disappearances are the result of $SCARY_THING; vampires, faeries, aliens, time-travelling Dick Cheney, etc.


/off to google Henry Every/


Didn’t he hoy himself off Clifton suspension bridge most likely? I was living on the hippie/traveller site under there at the time, and there were regular cleanups under the bridge. Not that you’d need more than a spoon and a sandwich bag if the river’s full.


[stuff that’s happened] + [enough imagination] = $30,000/M from Amazon for writing dinosaur porn. Get on it.

(Not Dinosaur on Cheney porn, obvs. There are limits)


@maggiekb I’m also macabrely enthralled by Wikipedia’s recent deaths list.

@Brainspore no saltwater crocs or box jellyfish where Holt disappeared. Sharks a possibility though. Or Chinese submarines, take your pick.


Probably, although it was the Severn bridge, not the Clifton suspension bridge.

There is also a good reason why we do not have dinosaur porn.


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