Listen: Deep house mix of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" (1989)


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Obligatory add-on – the trance-y or whatever you call it version from Moodswings.


It’s only an element but:


I love this mashup of Public Enemy’s “By the Time I Get to Arizona” and Flaming Lips’ “Are You a Hypnotist??” with excerpts of “I Have a Dream”:

In some ways I like it more than the original (high praise since the original is one of my favorite PE songs):


Fun fact I love to parrot: the I Have a Dream speech was largely improvised. That’s some next level oratorial shit there.


came here to post this.

The earlier part has vocals by The Pretender’s Chrissie Hynde, too. Really nice single all around.


The somewhat slower Moodswings version…


Came to post this as well. I ended up posting the slower version…


why did i hear an ad in the middle of this song. dammit.


Singing a song by Vangelis and Jon Anderson of Yes, bizarrely enough!

Which was also a hit for Donna Summer.


wow, had no idea!


Slower still…



There’s a good Mashup with MLK in it here:


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