Listen: making sense of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a Canadian perspective

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The CBC’s disappearing of Search Engine may have to do with Brown exposing Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual harassment and rape allegations, which eventually led to Ghomeshi’s firing and current trial.

Man these illustrations just keep getting more and more creative. Prison Mickey?

If this goes through, we’re in full cyber-dystopia mode

Thanks for that info. I occasionally listen to Q, and wondered (but not enough to search) what happened. Had no idea about the allegations against Ghomeshi.

I’d be interested in seeing that substantiated.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but the Search Engine CBC program ended more than six years ago. Even the TVO podcast ended over three years ago (source).

Haha no. Search Engine was cancelled because of Jesse Brown and long pre-dates the Ghomeshi scandal. And its not because he’s a muckraker getting close to the “dark underbelly of the Canadian Media Establishment”. There’s a reason why he’s doing his own podcast.

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Jesse’s not good at making friends, but he does make a damn good podcast. He talks about things that everyone is talking about but in ways that no one else is.

(I mean that he’s not good at making friends who are in positions of power because he doesn’t kiss up to anyone and doesn’t shy away from controversial topics.)

Jesse is not always very rigorous in his journalism. There are times where he strikes gold, sure, and there are times like the podcast linked above where he’s doing us a service by having the excellent Michael Geist discuss the TPP. However, there are many times where his take on things and people are frankly wrong or problematic such as his lightweight interview with noted racist & fellow outsider muckraker Ezra Levant.

By all means listen to him but do so with a grain of salt.

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