Listen to "Forfocséic," a new album of Irish Rebel Songs by Thom Dunn

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Listening to it right now, and it’s going to be on my playlist on the 17th.

And here’s hoping that this year or next you can tour a bit, and sing through Munich way. I’d pay money to see you.


And here’s me trying to think what this mystery word was.

Maybe I should just pay attention to your shirt and tog é go bog é

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Hell yeah, the original Antifa!
Keep your shillelaghs ready, boys from county Cork, the bronzed asshole still has a strangle-hold on many minds!

Listened to the whole thing now… I’m very impressed. I used to do poetry open mics and the ones that got the loudest shouts and cheers were the ones that had FEELING behind them, if not rage… granted, this was during the Dubya administration, so… I guess not so different now… but anyway…

LOVE your work, and I’ll be buying it ASAP.

I’ve got roots in Cork, loved almost every second I spent in Erie, and hope to spend my later years there.

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Yup. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think me Irish convict forbear would approve.

I’m a big fan of Martin Brennan’s Irish rebel songs from his appearance on Alan Partridge.

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