Listen to MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman sing "What—Me Worry?" (1959)

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Potrzebie Wow what a flash from the past. I spent far too many hours contemplating the pronunciation and meaning of that word and IIRC it was simply nonsense


It’s either Polish for “need” or a unit of measurement: 2.2633484517438173216473 mm depending on your level of Knuthiness. (absolutely delightful link as from there we can investigate other critical terminology, such as: veeblefetzer, hoohah, osszefogva, bitsko, furshlugginer, ganef …usw)


Yeah Just after posting I googled and got the 411 on Potrzebie on wikipedea

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There’s more than five people in that band, including a very hip keyboard player. And is that Mel Blanc on vocals?

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This voice will always be Bugs Bunny to me!

It wasn’t simply nonsense, it was MAD!!


“What–Me Worry” is the janky version of “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.”

It sounds legit in context, but wow — I did not really expect that.

MAD would later occasionally include a free 33 1/3 record with its (“50 Cents - Cheap”) magazine. This novelty one was my favourite:

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Something like po-CHEB-yeh.

Potrzebować means to need, but I’m really not sure on the conjugation for potrzebie.

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In my head it will always be Pot Ra Zeeby

Don Martin graphics on the sleeve!

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