Listen to this beautifully melancholic cover of "The Rainbow Connection"

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It’s a Sleestak! Run Will and Holly!


This video seems well calculated to ruin some childhood memories :scream:


Reminds me of the mindsticker Tab song.


I don’t know…this hit me in the feels even though their version of “Kermit” was creepy enough to give Pennywise nightmares. The song itself was excellent though.


Yeah, supercreepy & also weepy. Is that a genre? “Creepyweeper”? Like that Michael Jackson song “Ben”…


For decades I’ve been baffled that nobody realizes it’s already a melancholic song. It’s not even hidden behind a upbeat production. Kermit sits, alone, glumly singing about delusion and lack of connection. Sure there’s hope at the end, but so many people only hear the part they want to.


One of the background jokes in the new Muppets Now show is that the video/chat app the characters use to coordinate on the show’s production is called “Rainbow Connector.”


Quite the goiter there, Kermit. Might wanna get that checked out.

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How did you find this? I’ve got my morningstar and am ready to make a movie where rainbows and gold break for amazing horizons but everything is ruined by yeasty trollface bread and it just cuts to black, but there are like 20 rounds to the song there somehow (so now I have to do a damn budget.)


The singer isn’t singing what’s on the sheet music for this song, which was composed with specific notes on purpose, and which stands as a classic song that doesn’t need any further embellishment or smoothing over. So this performance comes across as not beautiful to me. I don’t know. Maybe someone who had never seen any version of Kermit - or someone who has, but doesn’t really remember it with any clarity - might not dislike the video.

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I liked it. Reminds me of this song a bit in tonality and awkwardness.

This isn’t original, it’s a remake of Sad Kermit:

who also did some choice covers::

Great cover though, I went on a Paul Williams/Muppets cover kick last month and not many ‘great’ ones.

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Umm, wasn’t as sad song originally? I always thought of it as one.

Similar to “Summer time,” when and people are like “wait, is that a SAD song?” and I’m like :are we watching the same opera here, because this is sad as f*ck"

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It’s actually a nice cover of a song that means a lot to me.

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