LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Built In Lightining Cord Or Micro USB Cable

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Without question, this battery is the pinnacle of portable charging perfection—and it’s calling your name.

Basic rule of plausible product criticism: always leave yourself some room to move both up and down, espeically room to move upwards if the tech is improving rapidly. Reaching a “pinnacle” can be such a fleeting moment and you can find yourself obsolete by the end of a sentence.



Doesn’t all electrical charging technically occur at the speed of lightning?

“Without question, this battery is something you will laugh about in five years when technology will have progressed to the point of making this seemingly neolithic, just like every other tech product of 2015.”

More truthful, but not such great ad copy.


is it MFI? Otherwise that lightning cable will do you no good on newer iOS devices …

Thickness of 5 credit cards and fits in your wallet? Uh, I’m not buying that.

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