LitHub's savage list: the year's most brutal book reviews

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I’m not sure I need that negativity…

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I doubt anything will ever top the pouting and stamping of feet by right-wing wind bag Niall Ferguson when The London Review of Books didn’t rate one of his books:


Hanks’ novel wasn’t too bad. I mean I’m not saying it was Pulitzer prize material, but as far as celebrity written novels it was decent. They say to write what you know, and he wrote a reasonable novel about making a movie.

I remember that one! Great indeed, makes me think now that I still need to get around to Shteyngart’s novel, Super Bad Love Story (iirc).

I bought ‘Super Sad Love Story’ because of reading Steyngart’s review of Elon Musk. I enjoyed it very much. Given it was published in 2010, it seemed uncannily prescient in its descriptions of the modern social-media culture we’ve achieved with FaceBook, TikTok and Instagram being many people’s primary source of news and shopping information.


Per the illustration - is this the list of books we are supposed to burn or something?

i suspect these books burn from the shame, no help required. a sort of self immolation resulting from the heat of decomposing prose


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