Little Brother is 10 years old today: I reveal the secret of writing future-proof science fiction

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10? No way!

I often complain about the way you frame certain stories here but I have to also tell you I adore your fiction. You are the fiction writer whose books I have gifted the most. I love your characters, the predicaments, and the prose. The way you pace things is perfect for my tastes. The beats come at just the right time to make me want to read just one more page…

I think sometimes I get annoyed when I see you post a story here because I think you should be working on your next novel.

Anywho, after Walkaway, Little Brother is probably my favorite Doctorow book. Can’t wait to read what’s next.


Coincidentally, I picked it up from the library yesterday. I was up until 4am before I could put it down.

Also I am 58.


Well, also, in 2008, Moore’s Law was actually about done.

The Internet was already everywhere. Not saying that there hasn’t been a lot of change, I’d just say that there’s been less than half the change of 1998-2008, much less 1988-1998, even bigger.

In 1998, there were no mobile devices and less than half of homes had Internet, 99% of which was modems. All E-commerce in the USA was smaller than the receipts from one large grocery store. In 1988, a majority of homes had no computer, and of those that did, a large majority had no modem for CompuServe or BiX, there being no Internet except for University grad students and professors in CompSci.

Neuromancer, from 1984(?) has fared pretty well, except for when Case is making ends meet by smuggling about “hundreds of megabytes of RAM”. Ouch.

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I’ve just started Reading Gibson’s The Peripheral and I think I’m getting dumber. I find myself having to re-read paragraphs and even after two or three passes I still don’t understand and just keep on.

For example, last night I read this sentence:

“Of course she did,” said Ash, to Netherton, else she encrypt. “How could she be positive we’re who we claim to be?”

And then a couple of paragraphs later:

“So,” he said, but not particularly to Ash, else it encrypt, “we’re using student quants at the London School of Economics?”

She encrypt? It encrypt? On every page there seems to be something like this and it’s very distracting for me.


What the what now? I have no idea what that is trying to say.

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