Live shot of a hit-and-run happening behind a TV reporter covering the "most dangerous street in Los Angeles"

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Part of me hopes that they might be able to get the license plate of the fleeing vehicle from the video, but I might be overly optimistic.
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Was the car engaging in the hit-and-run blaring its horn before the collision? I’m wondering what was going on there…


Life imitating art, or …


I don’t think that’s going to be a problem, as they left their entire front bumper at the scene.


I can imagine this case being inadvertently caused by the camera crew itself.

Driver: “Hey, look over there, TV news crew filmi. . . ohhh shiiiiit!” screeeeeech HONK!


The narnest intersection is 84th and Hoover in South L.A., according to another story. The ubiquitous dilapidated L.A. homeless RVs in the background complete this typical L.A. scene.


“The most dangerous street in Los Angeles”

Hey, let’s put a live reporter out there!


Indeed. I was rear-ended - and my car was totalled - in October because the driver behind me was looking at police officers on the other side of the road who had pulled someone over. He didn’t even slow down, let alone stop. Visual distractions can cause big problems.


Hoover has two lanes of traffic, both directions, without any stop light or stop sign, and a 35 MPH speed limit, while 84th has a stop sign where it meets Hoover. Maybe they should put stop signs on Hoover at that intersection.


You’d think so, but you’re not a traffic “engineer”. I’ll let Jane Jacobs (in the presciently titled Dark Age Ahead) take it from here:

Given this enviable professional background [of engineers in general], plus the extreme tendency of North Americans to admire scientific achievement and give it the benefit of the doubt, it is little wonder that traffic engineers have been trusted to do pretty much as they please, and that departments of public works have gratefully accepted and followed their recommendations for design and specifications of streets and roads.

In what traffic engineers have chosen to do and have recommended, they have abandoned and betrayed science as it is understood. “Engineering” also has an opprobrious connotation of manipulation without regard for truth, as in “engineering consensus,” or “It looked spontaneous, but it was engineered.” It is popularly assumed that when universities give science degrees in traffic engineering, as they do, they are recognizing aboveboard expert knowledge. But they aren’t. They are perpetrating a fraud upon students and upon the public when they award credentials in this supposed expertise.


meanwhile, here in Reno, we’ve had two days now in a row now where someone has pulled onto the highway going in the opposite direction during early morning rush hour. your turn, LA.


Sorry, didn’t realize that it was in California where there are front plates.

My Canada was showing. In Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon, licence plates are currently only required on the rear of most vehicles. Only British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario require the licence plates to be mounted on both the front and rear of the vehicle.


As I discovered in BC a few years ago when a police car did a high speed u-turn on a busy street, then tore after me at about 120kph with lights and siren through a residential neighbourhood to pull me over. He then told me I needed a front plate. I suggested that he was perhaps over-reacting to a trivial violation, which did not go well.


I’ll go with, “Unmarked Police Car racing to get to the Precinct before all the best donuts are gone.”


Actually, 30 of the 50 US States (plus D.C.) require front plates (Which States Require a Front License Plate?). None the less, I see many cars here in California without front plates.


It’s against the law in my state, but I was not aware of that when I was younger. My mother had a beach scene in her front license plate holder for a decade.

How do I know it is required? I was driving home from work one night, at 2am, with my 8 month pregnant wife with me. I got pulled over by 3 police cars, who then proceeded to arrest me and my extremely pregnant wife and then put us in a jail cell. This was 27 years ago, so no cell phone video to go along with this, sorry. I had to literally call my mom to have her come and bail me out. Best part was is the only reason I got pulled over in the first place is one of the cops read my plate wrong and felt I was some wanted criminal. They were looking for a giant pickup truck with vanity plates, so of course my Saturn SL1 fit the bill.


On one of my Ontario plates the plastic frizzled off, so I moved it to the front. It was defective, but they won’t replace it unless you foot the bill for new plates, so whatever.


I just assume those trailers have people living in them since it’s Cali, housing crisis and all…

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Wichita steps in with a house built before the Kellogg/US400/I-54 upgrade, right about where E Kellogg Drive intersects Longview Lane, that had a few impacts from cars over the years, and west of there (gone for the same reason above) a house at Kellogg/US400/I-54 and Meridian, that a friend of mine’s sister plowed into late one night.