Logos of videogame consoles from then and now

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I’m feeling pedantic - these are mostly logotypes (although some show both the logo and a the logotype).

And I’m pretty sure this was the logo (and logotype) on my beloved 2600:


Shouldn’t there be about a hundred Rs in circles on that page?

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I’ve had so many of these over the decades. The 3DO is hands down my favorite and had the majority of my favorite console games.

Bit of an Ozymandias moment, that was.

Leaves me hopeful that, like the mighty Atari 5200 and Mattel Intellivision, Facebook and Twitter might fade into distant memory some day. :thinking:

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Um, it wasn’t actually called Atari 2600 before 1982 so this couldn’t have been its logo in 1977…


I remember mine calling itself the ATARI VCS.


Really? Mine only beeped at best.

ETA although I do remember taking mine apart and realizing it could be put in a case significantly smaller than what it was in, so I did that.

Same. I think “VCS” was “Video Console System”, but I don’t know if that was claimed at the time, or invented later to fit the letters.

Atari Video Computer System or Atari VCS per wikipedia. I seem to recall ephemera like manuals which spelled it out, too.

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Ah! That makes more sense. I probably misremembered it.

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