Longtime Fantasy Flight employees get their likenesses added to the company's games

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/12/24/longtime-fantasy-flight-employ.html


This is really great! I talk a lot of smack about Fantasy Flight and their business model, but this is a really great way to show your people some extra love.

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I know nothing of their business model (though from looking at their games, it seems like they lean very heavily on licensing IP from others), but I agree that this is an awesome way to illustrate just how much you value your employees. I would hold on to a job with them, even if I had more lucrative offers, to get drawn into one of their games… I mean, if the offers were WAY more lucrative, maybe not…

Man I miss Netrunner. I didn’t really play during that era with Bio Ethics Committee, but the game was still unique.

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