Look at this amazing popsicle stick house

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Prisoner__Nr 6__Neat!


I don’t think that’s a “house”. Looks more like the Inn at The End of Time. The good news is, we might be able to find some time travelers to intervene in our past to make our present a little less plague-ridden?


Needs to be under siege from painted orc figurines.


Very nice! I wouldn’t have the courage to do that. Last time I built one of those, the windows lit up in the middle of the night and I got a visit from Sharp Hand Joe.

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I’d love to live there, but…


This work stunned me. I wish I’d seen something like this as a kid. It makes me want to use them to model things I want to build with pallet wood etc. I especially like… hah, what am I saying? Every single detail is a thing I would never have thought of.


Beautiful. I used to make stuff like this as kid, what I made doesn’t compare at all to this though. Maybe I should get into this again.

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I’ve been watching a ton of stuff like this on YouTube lately, since introducing the nephews to D&D and getting back into minis.

Black Magic Craft is one of the best I’ve found, but I’ve mostly been building stuff with the Terraino system.


Funny, my kid just sent me the link to a Black Magic Craft video! Also, to this this place, with beautiful scenery.

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This would be a much better background track for the video, however. (The backup singers are quite likely the Beach Boys, who recorded with Jan & Dean.) It’s right there in the lyrics: “Keep Brother & Sister quiet as a mouse / Give 'em popsicle sticks to build a popsicle house.”


Is that an extended metaphor?

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