Look Mum No Computer finishes the 1000 oscillator megadrone

Brilliant build! Must be driving those LED’s at a trickle. Full brightness would be around 20 ma each.

yep. well the led’s are only pulsing at the oscillation of the note, which isnt that high frequency, they are super super brights i cant remembet the lumens i got but proper eye achers at full belt. which in this they are not doing


That is, until someone tries to do Beat Saber against it then they can really burn up the…chord of Fourier monotonicity or whatever. Easy target for noise reducing headphones, give or take head motion, leaving self-noise for Beat Saber?


Someone needs to compose a symphony for orchestra and kilodrone.

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@Sam_Battle! Excellent work!

Also… wear your earplugs young man!


Can you play Doom on it?


Step 1 - Build giant synth
Step 2 - Find the brown note
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - PROFIT


I believe one can play Crysis soundtrack on it

As we speak someone is figuring out how to install Linux on it.

He has claimed he wants to open it to the public as part of a synth museum, so you might be able to experience for yourself one day…

I have an alternate view of synthesisers which is that they are as real as any instrument in our modern world. There is very little music that isn’t mediated by recording and distribution technologies. For many people ‘acoustic’ instruments are only ever heard through technology with the microphone and the speaker (earbuds, Hi Fi, PA etc) being the only mechanical/ physical part of the process.

@Sam_Battle Welcome and thank you so much for what you generously share online. I have a friend who’s son is on the spectrum and gets very bored with simple things - 6 years old. She is a lighting console operator so has introduced him to tech. I’ve been passing on your videos as sound tech is an endless field of learning and creative expression.

Thanks again


What’s a oscillator?
Where is the noise actually coming from? I see no speakers.

Almost everything in our universe

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Like your mother?

(Haha… sorry. I went back and forth all night about whether I should make this joke.)

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