Soviet plane-spotting head-gear




Those are Germans, not Russians.


They look pretty friendly - was it normal for German soldiers to stand arm in arm?


This is actually the first Pet Shop Boys Album cover.

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That is the worst Mickey Mouse cosplay ever.


They do make a cute couple. If you think about it, they were pretty lucky to have found each other; I’m sure neither of them thought they’d ever meet anyone who really understood.


weren’t they monsters-of-the-week on Doctor Who not too long ago?


Aliens, Mickey Mouse’s ears, etc. :wink:


Up in the air, junior birdmen!


"Jist acting natural Natasha… Moose and Squirrel will never recognize us in these Moon Mouse costumes. Bah ha ha ha ha ha!!


Technically, I think these are observers rather than plane-spotters. The former are what the military had before radar, while the latter are amateur plane-enthusiasts, in British English at any rate.


Cory, you were already told that the soldiers on the photograph are Germans, not Russians. Here’s another fyi: the word “Soviet” doesn’t apply in 1917. I’ll leave it to you to do some wiki reading to find out why.

I hope you do more research for your books than you do for your posts here.


You Fools!!!

I told you not to cross-breed Daleks and Cybermen, but would you listen? WOULD YOU!?


“focused on infinity”-- sounds very spiritual.


Two of boing boing’s favorite things - mickey mouse and steampunk!


A few years ago I had the idea of something like this for bird watchers, except instead of the hearing tubes there would be an array of microphones around the binoculars or scope, with some digital signal processing and a display showing which way to point the optics.


Found a pretty excellent page about this sort of thing:
Acoustic Location and Sound Mirrors

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