Abandoned Radar Stations


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The acoustic mirrors in the picture (clearly) aren’t radar, but what’s cool is that because they rely on structural reflection and human hearing they are as functional now as they were when they were built. It makes me want to go and try them out!


These places make for great photo opportunities. I got this pic at Taufelsberg a couple of months ago.

Neat stuff!

Until I saw this post, I fantasized about living in an abandoned missile silo. Now I want to live in an abandoned acoustic mirror.

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No Safeguard site from North Dakota? (http://srmsc.org)

They open them once a year, we went last time and they really are fantastic. The long curved wall acts as a whispering gallery, you can hear everything said by anyone near it.

The sound mirrors are near Dungeness on the south coast of Kent

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Looks like a Kahn/Selesnick project.


The St. Louis Science Center has a much smaller pair of acoustic mirrors set up as a sort of whispering gallery, outside the old Planetarium building (or at least they did last time I was there).

I just happened to be walking past one when a child with a very clear, shrill voice yelled into the other. “Painfully loud” would be an understatement; I was worried about hearing damage for a while there.

These were featured in The Prodigy’s video for Invaders Must Die.
Sharp eyed viewers will notice the guy in the video played Mikey on Doctor Who.

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Reminds me I should go back and listen to ‘Ghost Shells’ by disinformation. Maybe I can get away with playing it in the office :wink:

You mean Mickey?

He was in Star Trek Into Darkness too.

Oops - yes Micky. And haven’t seen the new Star Trek yet - no spoilers!

He kills a ton of Cyberme…Borg.

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