Skateboarding in an abandoned nuclear missile silo


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Oh man, just think of all the doom laser a budding super villain could build into that silo!


Considering it was the housing for an ACTUAL doomsday weapon…


Looks like most of the trailer footage is from an abandoned power plant. (Including when they are talking about missile silos.) Some of the underground stuff looks like old Titan silos though. I’m assuming it’s just the way the trailer was cut.


So, I can’t tell if they’re misleading the public or baiting pedants like me. Probably a bit of both.

Most of the footage shows a cooling tower for a power plant (maybe nuclear, maybe not), sometimes under a voiceover about a Titan III launch site (an actual nuclear missile silo). Both are badass, so why conflate them and confuse people?


Jinx, you owe me a coke.


Fellow baited pedant, reporting in.


Radical (electrons)!


[quote=“7lions, post:5, topic:87924”]So, I can’t tell if they’re misleading the public[/quote]Well, it’s a skateboarding movie, so of course they are.


I can’t view it in Mexico. A trailer?

Ya know, from the whole “free-range” trespassing, get-what-you-can standpoint, that’s just wrong.


Typical Vice dabbers can’t tell the diff between a silo and a cooling tower!

Back in my day, we smoked bowls, and maintained a culturally acceptable level of specificity!


Seems to only be available in the US… Tried and failed with UK, Netherlands, Sweden. You’re not really missing much, if that’s consolation.


Poor Mr Lowry


Here you go…


I’d probably prefer the spilled beverage, but thank you for the gesture. :slight_smile:


Radiks smart wheels might help in those environments.


From what I heard about the first US toorcamp, the abandoned titan missile silo is a far less awesome experience than what we’re seeing here.


That’s a cooling tower, not a silo. It’s part of a nuclear power plant, not anything related to missiles or bombs.


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All of the cooling tower stuff was shot at Satsop, near Olympia WA, a nuclear facility that was never completed and never started. I spent a couple of days working there (film/art installation) and it is a very cool place. The acoustics are amazing. It’s for rent, and hardly abandoned. I believe they shot part of a recent Transformers movie there