Scene report: Skateboarding in Huntington Beach, 1975

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Oh man, now I have the sad.

That’s my old stomping grounds, and I was a little grom about 10 years after that, but a lot of the places in the video were still there.

Rode around about 10 years ago, and it’s all different.

You really can’t go home.


My first home is a community college parking lot. To paraphrase Martin Blank, you can’t home again, but you can park there.


What a great film. Narration is perfect, knowledgeable and occasionally corny. Some of the music is fantastic, too. The cut at 13:00 sounds like it could be produced today, and the music at 30:30 fits the video so well. There were a few places the music overwhelmed the narration but overall it was scored expertly. There’s even an inexplicably lengthy cat cameo!

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