Watch these rad film clips of Santa Monica's 1970s skate, surf, and dirt bicycle scene

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So young…so flexible…so careless of broken bones. Beautiful color, very nice edit, & a bravura use of surf music. Thanks!


Those were fun days. As a skateboarder and bodysurrfer back then [a bit further south of Santa Monica] I remember bombing down the hills on my skateboard. Seeing it a video really drives home how much early skateboarding owed to surfing and roller skating–the spins, the nosewalking, the “pipeline crouch,” etc etc.

However–McDonalds? No. Rolled tacos and carne asada burritos. That was a proper snack.


those kids rode bigger hills and did much better tricks than i ever did at that time, that’s for damn sure.


I really miss those banana seats! And some of those first generation skateboards lacked the maneuverability and broad surface area of the modern design. The list of stunts was pretty small at that point, but then I don’t think one could perform a drift in a Model T.


“dirt bicycle” ??
Who talks like that?! Outta here nerds! Going to ride my skating board.


I think 4:48 is the first ever staged skateboard accident

Another film of his from the same era. The kid playing the manequin does a pretty good job.

This reminded me of a short subject I saw in a theater - turns out it was 1965. Skaterdater.

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