Asphalt Snowboarding




I hate to say snobbish but there are LOT better people who do this, anything hell on the BONES brigade video from the 80’s they do the “DownHill Slide” and its pretty much the same thing, except they use bananaboards and actually get down to the asphalt and use their gloves as if snowboards, and this was before there really WAS snowboarding…
soory old school boarder here


in fact here is a youtube link for that slide,


Man, it’s just a dude on a board having fun. Not everything has to be groundbreaking.


I showed this to my brother and he replied with this San Francisco equivalent - they seem to have some kind of extra wheels and bindings added so they can switch edges trivially.


I’ve been told this is quite fun, but I’ll stick to powder so that when I eventually fall, I get a facefull of snow instead of asphalt. :wink:




FYI, not Los Angeles

That’s Park Ave (aka Top of the World Road) in Laguna Beach, Orange County California.


His running lights are reversed.




Yeah… these are long boarding tricks and have nothing - at all - to do with snowboarding.


Surfers did it first.


I lived in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. I don’t believe this is Los Angeles. From the original Reddit thread, several people also identified this as being in Laguna Beach, including people that said that they lived in the neighborhood. If you look at Google Maps that area is much more likely than anywhere in Los Angeles.


i live in San diego and it could be a few hills here as well except here you would see the Lajolla Cove park or Torrey Pines… Maybe Calrsbad or San Marcos as well


if you look up bones brigade full movie, had then a first, a video of tony hawk as well as rodney mullen in Malibu could be anywhere…however there is no indication of swiveling or whatever you could do to trucks at that time and place that could make you do that… what im getting to is that, at the end of the movie they have they bloopers… the ate Shi@t a ton of times not like your perfect…


My nephew does this kind of thing…


Just look at them.


and always will.


When we forget the old school, we’re lost entirely.


No one’s mentioned how dangerous/deadly this can be!
downhill long board tragedy