Surfing on extremely fluffy powder snow

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Lovely and sad, coasting through all those dead trees.


Are they dead though? Maybe they’re just … resting?


They’re probably pining for the fjords.


I used to think winter-sport movies were nice and pretty and all, until I went snowboarding myself. Now videos like this can really give me a strong feeling of longing and desire, goosebumps all over because of the beauty and joy of it, but also something that resembles heartbreak since I won’t be doing this myself for at least a year and even then will never be this skilled or get snow this great.

I’m not sure when I liked these movies better…


Fresh pow!

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Clair de Lune was my father’s favorite piano concerto.

He passed away last month and we had it playing by his bedside continually up until the end.

Hearing it paired up with such beautiful scenery is very powerful to me. Thank you.


Came here to be outraged at the use of the term “surfing”. But that’s not a snowboard is it?


I wonder if they realize it, or if they’re nothing more than tall brown traffic cones to them.

oof, so pretty. i wish this was my upcoming weekend. i love to do that kind of riding, in that kind of snow.

Cool soundtrack! Of course, the reality was a camera drone buzzing like Satan’s kazoo, but in the edit everyone looks respectful of the site.

ETA: jtiii notes that the camera work’s being done by another snowboarder, and the seems to be the consensus in the commentariat over on Vimeo, too. I stand corrected.


I’ve only gone snowboarding twice in my life, the last time was… uhhh… 16 years ago. Still i recall it being a great experience that i would not mind doing again some day. Cool video :slight_smile:

THIS…is why I’ve loved skiing since I was a very little kid. Snowboarding brings an elegant simplicity to things. At the most elemental moments it becomes transformative, zenlike, and spiritual.

Unlike golf.

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No drone, just another boarder. You can see around 2:50 that the camera is leaving a board-sized track. It was probably deliciously quiet…


I’m a skier, not a boarder, but I can attest - when you are in that powder, nothing feels like that.
I remember being able to make first tracks in powder about that deep one time in Utah right under the lift on a steep slope. I was paranoid because all the other early morning people were above me watching as I went. Everything went perfect till about half way down and I messed up and tumbled. When I popped back up, I was smiling like crazy, though, and this guy on the lift said “Nice!!” In a good way. :slight_smile:


The first time i went snow boarding the snow was basically ice and was just awful but the 2nd time around it was snowing fairly heavily and getting to run down the hill on several feet of the freshest snow was damn cool. Incidentally during that trip someone from my group fell of the ski lift, thankfully there was loads of snow to break their fall.

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How the hell did they fall off the lift?
I’m genuinely curious. I haven’t been skiing in some time, but I spent the better part of 20 years as an avid skier in and around Lake Tahoe - driving up from the Bay Area - and I have never seen anyone fall off a lift, and don’t remember ever hearing about someone falling off a lift while at a resort. Which I assume I would, as word would get around and people would talk about it on the lift rides.

It was a freshman high schooler or a middle schooler, and if i’m bringing this memory up correctly they may have broken their arm. Maybe? But regardless i didn’t see it happen but heard about it at the very end of the day and saw the kid with a cast on them later on (if i’m remembering this right). Considering the age of the person it could’ve been on purpose or some other kind of idiocy.

I had a jolly laugh at your description of a 'copter “buzzing like Satan’s kazoo”!
Great name for an all kazoo acapella group. Death metal kazoo, mixed with a bit of flaming titanium sporkestra. mm mm good!

I was going to argue that the track you see was one that was already there, but on review I think you’re right. I got distracted by the existing track and didn’t realize the camera man took 2 tracks and made it 3. The image stabilization on whatever rig they’re using is great, and it seems like the guy can lift it super high.