How to skateboard, 70s-style


LOVE the cars they are passing. I saw a 58 Ford truck, a Vega, a Rambler,… so cool. and the hair, the styles, the decks everything about this is wonderful, thank you

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yep, that’s how we did it. no, not like the safe kids – like the kid who ran into everything and fell a lot, tearing up his hands and pissing off people!

The dude at the start pushes mongo style (pushing with your front foot). It’s not as fluid or stable as using your back foot to push. I think you get slightly more power, though. Plus, MONGO!

The most disconcerting part of the film is that it wasn’t filmed with a fisheye lens.


Actually, that’s the part I liked the best.

I’m mildly impressed by the 1st-person perspective skating footage around 1:01. No Go-Pros then, Garrett Brown was still busy inventing the Steadicam, and a 16mm Bolex might have been slightly awkward to skate with.

Okay, maybe it’s not all that impressive. But I would have crashed.

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Me and my RC…

This is great- and the the cool thing is how much it looks like today- I know a bunch of young people who’re riding the small boards again, and getting into the freestyle moves. The helmets are less dorky now and the wheels are better, but otherwise it looks so much the same! Oh, and everybody, go watch this film from 10 years before this clip, it’s also great.

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i translitterated a 1977 book about learning to skateboard with a sweet how-to build your own skateboard a few years ago. it’s still mirrored here. it has some cool photos/sequences, and the really handy tip that milk cartons weighed down by sand can be used as a substitute for traffic cones when you are practicing slaloms.


I got a skateboard for my 9th birthday, in 1977. A few days later, I was trying to do some kind of very simple stunt in our driveway, failed and broke my femur. My mother felt horrible, since she gave me the skateboard, and felt even worse 3 years later when I was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta.

I caught this on some random collection of old videos on the Pub-d-hub Roku channel . I’ve taken to the “educational” black and white videos to punish my children. MUA HA HA!!!

Awesome! Neat that some of the photos are of Chris Chaput- he’s still very much around:

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