Girl hops on her longboard into a handstand, zooms downhill like a boss leaving guys dumfounded


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I couldn’t do that on my feet as a teen. Holy crap.


That’s how they do it Where They From


Very impressive. Now please go put on a brain bucket.


She backs herself to the hilt. More impressive.

And it’s her brain… remember to eat healthy, get lots of sleep, and make sure you can drive a car safely.


I have a hard time watching videos like this without cringing.

I can’t help imagining how it would feel for my face to smash into the asphalt, which is what would definitely happen if I were to attempt this.

Related note: This is also why I don’t like much of America’s Funniest Home Videos, someone falling headfirst into a fence is just not funny for me to watch.


next stop… single handed


These days, Harold would be shut down by the safety wowsers in a heartbeat.


Is it just me, or is that actually LESS risky for head injury? If she were to crash her feet would hit the ground hard and take most of the impact, right?


Also her head is not as far from the ground as if she were standing :smiley:


And I’m just sitting on my arse watching TV.


Off camera: “Put a helmet on! Put a helmet on!”

Foreground boy: “Want a helmet?”

Boss skater then proceeds fearlessly and without hesitation.


Wow! Core strength!


Careful now. Have you got the appropriate safety gear?


150.313 mph, lying on a Vincent Black Lightning, wearing a pair of swimming trunks, on a salt flat…



I suppose that this was before “Dress for the slide, not for the ride,” became a mantra.


It was a landspeed record setting run back in 1948. I think that doing it on a highly abrasive and caustic salt flat is the icing on the cake as it were.


I share your visceral distaste for the videos of failure, but I love it when the gambler wins…


And she’s halfway into a tuck-and-roll already.

Honestly, if you have the balance and coordination this is probably the safest way to ride!