8-year-old girl is youngest skateboarder in Vans US Open Pro Series


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Rad. I can’t wait until a white man plays her in a biopic :smiley:


i have a new heroine.


Wow, my daughter will be 8 in a month!


humbling. she’s super rad.


I usually ridicule bubble-wrap parenting, but they really should be wearing helmets. They’re not riding tricycles at 2mph on the sidewalk.


I cringe every time I watch gymnastics ballance beam rountines…how is it that is a sport for little kids rather than adult stunt performers?


Gymnastics in general is very difficult to manage if your concern is safety. Really the safety comes down to how good the teacher is as they will ensure that all gymnasts are practicing correctly and minimizing risk. One could use safety gear but i think that gets in the way.
For sports like skateboarding, bikes, skates, etc safety gear definitely is more of a life saver. I can vouch for it myself, one time i had a small kid run in front of me as i was skating down a road. I had to dive to the side to avoid him and i cracked my wrist, had i not been wearing my gear i probably would’ve broken my arm.


They know how to fall in that low-speed situation. When in a skatepark, or big ramp with harder surfaces and higher speeds, I’m sure they do wear helmets.


Yeah, helmets don’t prevent broken necks :open_mouth:


Both of them are awesome and adorable.


There’s ample padding on the floor. A gymnast could hit her head on the balance beam itself, but that’s not that much of a fall, especially for someone the size of a child.


There’s more to hit than just your head…


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