Enter the dangerous world of finger skateboarding


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Indeed. Quite gnarly.

That was wonderful.


Hey - I have some of these. I even have a bitching ramp!


If only could have done a proper 720 off the sail barge…


That would have happened had RotJ been originally made in the extreme 90s.


Thing’s origin story?



Agree with @TheGreatParis, wonderful


I wish there was an outtake video of him landing the vees of his fingers on the rail over and over.


Can you determine it’s bitchin’ness through the cardboard and plastic?


I took it out - its on the shelf.


I want one


Many years ago I co-directed a toy commercial for Flick Trix, which is the same idea, but with tiny BMX bikes. I thought the idea was ridiculous but it wasn’t hard to script & storyboard. It wasn’t until I was on set and watching our two “radical” young teens using them that I was impressed. Those tiny bikes and skateboards are amazingly well crafted and engineered, with teeny brakes, spokes, and tires, and the kids did crazy little tricks with them.


sure it may look fun, but these punks are wrecking all our nicest finger parks.


Get off my table!


Why aren’t these people wearing proper knuckle pads!!! Won’t someone think of the impressionable children?


The rehab for finger-boarding injuries is sometimes so grueling, painful and so difficult that it is career ending. Similar injuries and the rehabilitation for those injuries can be seen in the Canadian documentary about a Mr. Tyzik by award winning documentarian group TKIH. Mr. Tyzik was a menacing man who had had his hands injured by vigilantees, but his perseverance in recovery is amazing and worth the short watch.

[EDIT- I do not condone either the vigilantees for their actions nor Mr. Tyzik for menacing individuals with near impunity. Few have seen Mr. Tyzik in public since this incident.]


Seriously! And wrist protection at the very least!


I can digit.


I came here to mock him.
But after watching that video, I got nothing. He’s a freakin finger prodigy.


This goes well beyond the plastic Tech Decks you see everywhere. I found this out the hard way this past holiday season as my son and his friends made it their new hobby. There are maple decks, high precision trucks with rubber bushings, and tiny working bearings for the wheels. You can easily spend $30-50 for a high end complete board.

The fun part has been building the skate park.