Watch: Inventor creating skates from kids' bikes

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… or “how to destroy two perfectly usable bikes to build a useless thing for likes”. #downvote.


As a unicyclist, I’m not going to downvote on grounds of utility. But I’ll definitely downvote for video style and exceedingly misleading thumbnail.

What the – my browser doesn’t know the words “unicyclist” or “downvote”??


Could use wrist protection
Or maybe full on boxing gloves.

…that’s got to be …fixed steerage or just a numero of large anima with horns…

That was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. For starters, better brains than him have already made this:

So dumb


Whenever I see one of those tiny plastic “banana board” skateboards in the trash I think about getting a pair of them and strapping some combat boots on them.

But the next thought is “how would that be any better than just getting an old pair of classic roller skates?”

(Plus I already have too many projects.)

If only he’d persisted with the big wheels and a new frame so his feet were down low.

And used telemark bindings for extreme elegance in turning. 11/10.

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