This guy built a skateboard that's also a bike

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“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!” :rofl:


This guy.

About 20 years ago I used to see him cycling around Dublin on this thing. It was remarkably manoeuvrable. The first time I saw him my brain flipped as he moved through the traffic in a way that appeared to defy physics!

I don’t know what became of the idea, but it seemed to be an extremely well resolved design. My understanding is that he had the device protected by patent and couldn’t reach a satisfactory financial arrangement with a manufacturer/distributer.


I was wondering how he made it a functional bicycle as well as a functional skateboard, but based on the video, I’m guessing he didn’t. There’s obviously a reason why there’s no footage of him riding the bike except the one second where he coasts in on it - I don’t know if it’s because the bike is just far too small, the bike elements couldn’t be fully restored, or the battery packs and skateboard wheels on the side make it too awkward. (Or all of those things.) But even as a one-note joke, a bicycle-shaped skateboard, it’s nice work.


“peddling his bike”

That s/be “pedaling” or “pedalling” dependent on where you are in the Anglosphere … sheesh. :wink:

It looks like only one of the pedals made it back onto the bike after the conversion


Hey do a kickflip!
skateboarding kickflip GIF by Torey Pudwill


Nowhere in the video is the bike pedalled, so peddling his bike seems the more accurate description.


Yeah, the battery pack is directly on the other side of the remaining pedal. Plus, no (bike) brakes, though I don’t know there’s any reason they couldn’t be there. But I suppose even if it all worked, one would have to be a small child to actually ride it.


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