This bike-powered backyard rollercoaster rules

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> to beg you to peddle the ride

What? To sell it?

(Hint: the word is PEDAL!)

I’d @popkin but that doesn’t work, does it. Sigh.

@orenwolf - trivial, I know, but might you edit it before another few poor souls assume peddle is the same as pedal, having seen it in such an authoritative source? :wink:

But it IS a wonderful thing. Individually made, I assume, but someone should start selling these in kit form.


I’d like a power take-off for my bike.


already fixed.

i don’t know if i’d sell the ride, but some tickets maybe.

i wonder what the backstory is there. super impressive

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Ran into almost the same thing at Sommerland Sjaelland in Denmark during the summer. It appears to be the exact same model.


The track sections in the original video looked too good to be a person’s one-off. I am curious about the tire-bumper on the back of the cars. Are there more elaborate tracks with multiple cars where a bumper would be needed?


The tire on the back is probably supposed to lend the appearance of a Jeep, or maybe be a spare for part of the cycle assembly. Could also be contributing weight for physics. Otherwise - just guessing - the whole thing looks like an Alibaba-style kit that can be bought online, possibly with modular cars (thus the plane car at the Denmark park).

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As impressive as some of the backyard rollercoasters are, I don’t think I’d want one for myself. Due to inherent limitations of physics rollercoasters are one type of ride that just doesn’t scale down very well. A small rollercoaster will always mean a short ride time, unlike, for example, a miniature steam train or merry-go-round. This one lasts maybe
8 seconds, so I think my kids and I would get bored of it pretty quickly. But I’m still glad that somebody is out there building these things, because the YouTube videos are always fun.


The builder apparently builds rides as an engineer, so has the fabrication facilities most of us don’t.

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