Teens were bored so they built a backyard roller coaster


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/02/24/teens-were-bored-so-they-built.html



Hells yeah, chalk one up for science!


Yeah for smart kids!


And for understanding parents!


And for the school board for acknowledging rather than suspending them.


BREAKING: AG Jeff Sessions opens probe into “Teen Roller Coastering.”

“Not good people. Taking jobs from hard working carnies. Probably take girls on those things and grabs them.”


Hey! Why can’t I just say, “WANT!!!”?


Where’s Perry?


Amended that for you! :wink:


Might as well add art in there if you want to be pedantic.


Those boys are going places.


But, at the same time, right back to where they started.


i wanted to see the entire run. : (


It looks like the entire run took about 30 seconds. When I was younger, some friends had something like this, but it was not homebuilt, it was more like a commercially available slide, with a cart and tubular rails instead of metal sheet.


Ask if you can go for a ride!


My brothers and I built our own Tower of Doom.

An open second-story window in my brother’s bedroom, and a bean-bag chair in the front yard.


Bah, beaten to the Phineas and Ferb reference!


They might want to get in touch with this guy in Italy, who can upgrade that wooden coaster to metal.


Gravity eh… you’re not falling, the ground is just rushing up to meet you.