Watch: After a few falls, engineer adds big bicycle tires to his inline skates — and it works! (video)

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How does he stop? Don’t inline skates use a heel brake? His feet are too high off the ground for the brake to reach even assuming he could lift his toe with that big wheel attached. Maybe he just does hockey stops?


Needs some disc brakes. And or an electric motor


Good effort, fella, but you’re about a 100 years late.


Insert “why not both?” gif. Definitely needs both.
And if someone does not put them on the market I will know that capitalism has failed me - again. :wink:

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No padding on the leg brace? You’ll get either blisters or a nice cut after it digs into your leg for a while.

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Yeah agree that brace thing looks like a good way to break a leg if you fell wrong. I’ll stick to the regular inlines


This already exists and they’re called Chariots of Tires: Chariots of Tire(s): Crazy Big-Wheeled Commuting Skates | Gadgets, Science & Technology


You can’t hockey stop on in-line skates, but most intermediate-and-up skaters don’t use brakes. You drag one foot behind you sideways, and/or you can redirect speed into a spin by placing both feet inline, forming an arc. The brakes get in the way pretty quickly once you start doing more than shuffle skating in a straight line.

These things still look useless though, because you can’t do 90% of the footwork involved in inline skating. He can’t turn his feet at all, he can’t cross over, he can’t skate backwards or in-line, the list goes on.

He can do literally exactly one thing- baby-skating with little shuffle steps which is what people do when they are first learning. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not generally useful for getting around or having fun on skates.

You can buy larger inline wheels that handle rough ground and have none of the above disadvantages. He has reinvented the wheel (pardon the pun) in a way that is worse than existing solutions to the same problem. I’m sure he’ll get lots of YT views though, so yay?

When I visited Chisinau, Moldova in 2007, there was this retired ex-hockey star who used to skate around the plaza near their mini- Arc de Triomphe they have there. Watching him navigate on inline skates was so beautiful.


His workshop looks suspiciously clean. Spray-painting indoors without a booth? :thinking: And just a little piece of plastic to protect the floor?

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