Amazing compilation of inline skate tricks

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I spent a lot of my late teens and early 20’s on inline skates with my pals. We’d cruise all over campus late into the night. The campus was well-paved, well-lit, and was mostly closed to traffic. Best of all, there were tons of little benches and rails to do tricks like these. I am too old and out of practice to dare try such stunts at this point but those videos sure do bring back good memories! Thanks for sharing.


This gives me so much nostalgia growing up in the 90’s and skating almost every day with my roller blades or getting on my bike. I was never motivated enough to learn tricks, but a lot of my friends were pretty good and seeing this video is pretty impressive how much fine/precise control one can get with inline skates while doing tricks. I’ve never understood why inline skates get a lot of ridicule compared to skateboards, i never saw it as a fad… i loved every moment i put on my skates.


Very cool. Inline skating is kinda like roller rinks. Intellectually I know it’s still around but I’ve forgotten it and mostly think of it as a thing from 25 years ago. Then stuff like this shows up and I’m reminded that there’s people doing rad stuff out there still.


It still makes me shake my head a little bit every time they grab their feet. That skate isn’t going anywhere!


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