Watch as a skater rules a skatepark

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O_O holy crap.


Right? That’s so cool that you are close enough to ride to the farmers market!

Oh, and that dude can shred as well… :smiley:

Awesome Back To The Future GIF by Reconnecting Roots

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That first backside air was pretty ridiculous and his facial expression at the end was priceless.


frontside smith is pretty dead on too

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I just started skateboarding again after 25 years off. Still trying to decide if it’s a good idea or a bad idea. I am definitely never going to be this guy but am hoping to maybe go around a skatepark bowl once or twice at some point in the far future. I did learn an important lesson this weekend about skateboarding in parking lots with puddles as I wiped out making a basic turn and hit the asphalt harder than I ever had before. To my shock and surprise nothing was broken so I learned two lessons: don’t skateboard after it rains and my body is tougher than I imagined.


I just wish I could stand up and gently roll along on my longboard, without wobbling all over the place! Doesn’t help I’m goofy-footed, and my left knee has osteoarthritis, and constantly feels like it wants to fold sideways if I try to balance on that leg.
Maybe some sort of knee support with rigid bits and a hinge. Dunno, but damn, that guy can seriously shred a park! I am so totally in awe of his skills.

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If Skateboarding were a college sport, this would be the video to deepfake your no good spoiled kid into.

He ruled the pool.

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He’s a sponsored Australian skater called Kieran Woolley and that’s not his park, he’s just insanely talented.


i was wondering who he was – being that good, he has to be somebody of note!

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