Guy saves skateboard from falling in water, ends up falling into it

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This was the original ending of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’


After my 100th loop of this I began to wonder if the guy on the bike was trying to save the board or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


that many?


Between that and the Flamingo guy I’ve been pretty busy the past two days.


Many Tumblr, Imgur, and Instagram posts leave me wondering “Did that really happen, or was it staged?”


This definitely gives me the vibes of a careful choreography - the camera action in particular.


And that they keep filming instead of helping someone who fell into water. What kind of douchebag would do that?


Whether it’s staged or a genuine accident of timing, it’s a masterpiece.


Maybe. I do have to wonder why someone would learn to skateboard that close to the water. When I was learning, I stayed far away from water and traffic.

Aye, synchronicity worthy of Buster Keaton. If was an accident, I feel bad for the guy and hope he’s all right. But it was still a thing of beauty and if it had been me on the bike I’d be smiling at it anyway.

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Best part is the little splash at the end.

I can’t get past the fact that he’s riding whilst carrying an umbrella,


All part of the (staged, I suspect) overall effect.


I saw a video today of a young guy nailing an older guy (apparently family member) with a big metal sign in front of the supermarket down the street from me. The guy shooting the video was hooting and hollering and clearly enjoying the scene. He just kept on shooting. Nobody intervened, this was middle of the afternoon. Yay Baltimore!

The worst thing is actually that the skateboard doesn’t even look to be going fast enough to defeat the barrier at the edge of the boardwalk. Dude took a swim for no reason at all.


Except a great gif, which was probably the plan all along.

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I was wondering on the first time, and in fact that’s exactly what it looks like to me.
Riding over a skateboard is not something you would ever do deliberately to stop the skateboard. It’s a sure recipe for taking a fall, especially if you’re carrying an umbrella and riding one-handed.

Also, a runaway skateboard could easily pass under the radar of a cyclist who will pay more attention to pedestrians.

While I strongly disapprove of the practice and it’s illegal everywhere that I know the law, I know a nontrivial number of people in Austria who do exactly that.

As in, two people who are not professional stuntmen and are not trying to get a job in this area (else they’d tell us it was staged) take potentially dangerous falls on purpose, in bad weather and several times in a row, until the timing is just right?

I consider an accident vastly more probable.

<pedant>It’s not a gif. It’s just a short video. GIF is a file format with support for animation. But not everything that moves on the web is a gif. And not every gif moves.</pedant>
As a life-long computer geek, I just cannot let this pass. Sorry.

Also, why is it that on Boing Boing, idiots are always referred to as “gentlemen” and people who are perfectly innocent or even behave in a gentlemanly manner are just “guys”?

Why do you assume that they aren’t professional stuntmen?

Why do you assume the stunt was crafted during bad weather?

Why do you assume that they have to be stuntmen? YouTube is full of videos of impresssive stunts just for the heck of it.

You can make money with YouTube videos.

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Mostly, Bayesian inference. Professional stuntmen are much rarer than incompetent skateboarders and cyclists who fail to avoid an obstacle. If you hear the sound of hooves behind you, and you’re not in Africa, expect horses, not zebras.

Because it was.

… except that it really was staged:


I wish I hadn’t seen that. :frowning:

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