Watch: Daring Instagram skater shows off skills in London streets — until a car door gets in the way

Originally published at: Watch: Daring Instagram skater shows off skills in London streets — until a car door gets in the way | Boing Boing


I was going to marvel at this daring (suicidal?) skater’s skills until a Twitter Link got in the way. Ooph!


Despite the Twiitter link I marvelled (not in a good way) at his suicidal idiocy.

Not even wearing a helmet. One day his luck may run out harder than it did here.


The lady’s look at the end: “Are you mental?”


Normally, my sympathies would lie with the person who got doored … but given that he’s skating at high speed on the sidewalk, I’ll reserve my sympathies for the lady whose peaceful ciggie-break was disrupted by this clown.

Also, for the emergency workers who are one day going to have to figure out the best way to get his body out from under a truck.


what a dumbass


Yeah interesting that the post has an “angry face” emoji, implying that it was the fault of (or was intentional by) the person who opened the door when it was obvious it was the fault of the skater.


Perhaps the emoji was from the door. Upset about it’s poor treatment and possible damage. Just minding its own business doing its job and wham someone slammed into it trying to break it off at the hinge.


Yeah, normally I’d be throwing some blame on the person opening a car door without looking, but someone traveling between stopped/parked car and sidewalk, much less at a high rate of speed - no one can be expected to anticipate that. He could have hurt someone other than himself here.


I don’t normally like stuff like this, I can’t watch Jackass type stuff as it makes me queasy (I don’t like seeing people get hurt)

…however at this, I laughed.


Normally I would blame the car, but this was fully the fault of the skater.

Even with a Dutch reach there’s no way that the car passenger could anticipate that a roller blader would come from behind the car, squeeze past the signpost, and pop up on the sidewalk.


The filmmaker managed to survive unscathed presumably. I have the feeling I have seen this video before on BB but cannot locate it.


I’ve had a version of this argument with most of my (young male, always) biker* friends. They all think they are invincible because of their Amazing Skillz. What I always try to get through to them is that it won’t matter how elite you are when a cement truck runs a light.

There are things you can’t avoid and can’t anticipate. Just because you are blind to the risks doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

This skater is behaving in a way that assumes nothing unexpected will happen. He’s going too fast for the conditions, wearing no gear, and doing aggressive things that require ideal circumstances to succeed in a chaotic environment. He thinks he has such good situational awareness that nothing can go wrong. This is hubris, plain and simple.

And he done got doored. He’s lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.


*biker as in motorcycle rider, not cyclist


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