Helmet camera captures skiier tumbling over 150-ft cliff

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That’s pretty scary, naturally not every cliff will be marked unless it’s on a commonly used area or trail so i can see how the mistake was made.

I don’t ski so i’m awful at it, and when i was in high school i went on a cross country ski trip. But it was going through a wooded mountain up and down trails. Way more advanced than i should’ve been doing… despite me falling a lot i was handling myself ok and keeping up. Then when going down a steep hill i failed to make a sharp 90 degree turn and I almost flew off into a ravine and into a semi-frozen river. The only thing that saved me was that my ski poles had gotten tangled on a small tree branch at the last second. Never again ]:


This guy shouldn’t be skiing. Off piste he is only a danger to himself. On piste he is danger to other skiers.

The first rule of skiing: Know how to stop. Always. Why would you ski at such speed if you are unfamiliar with the terrain. Also was he on his own? Which is even stupider. No experienced skier skis off piste on their own.

I get infuriated with people like this, who are taking over the sport. They think because their equipment is up to the job, they are as well!

Definitely more luck than skill.

For people with a fetish for dangerous skiing, they should extend the idea of those inflatable avalanche balloons.


I like that he had the presence of mind to get the reverse angle on the way down. Very important in visual story telling. :wink:


Nominee for a Darwin award.

Totally not a commercial for GoPro™ brand cameras! GoPro™! For when you’re on the go!


Avalanches, tree wells, cliffs… what’s next in BB’s growing list of reasons to not go skiing?


I once did this.

On a horse.

In Skyrim.

Looked the same, though.


And I love how he “rarely wears the camera, but for some reason he flipped it on for this run.” Get that? A skier that rarely films himself. Ha!


He could be snowboarding tho. RADICAL BRO

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Not paying attention, or plain reckless. There was a cliff zone clearly visible earlier in the run.

He’s on a pair of skis, but he might also be a snowboarder. He’s definitely a human that’s subject to gravity, that much is clear.

I don’t think I expected the fall to be that fast. It was like he only fell a couple of meters.



Downhill skiing has always had a thrill seeking crowd.

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British Spies?

Usually skiing is outdoors

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